Comments from our Guestbook
image of Basil the dog
“I just had to write to tell you how much we enjoyed staying at your cottage last week. It was absolutely lovely.. really well thought out even down to the throws on the beds for extra warmth....”
“The cottage was lovely and cosy, we had strong rain and some sleet but also lots of dry, sunny spells in between .... the views from the cottage are truly invigorating and change each time you look out...”
“Your kitchen is really well kitted out, we had everything we needed, the only utensil missing was a pair of tongs for the grill but I could make do with forks...”
image of a happy Labrador digging
image of girls playing on the beach
“The sunsets were truly breathtaking...and the lovely windows of the cottage let you really enjoy them to the full....”
“The best day of our holiday was kayaking to Gola Island taking our own picnic and couldn't believe how perfect it all was...we will definitely return and hopefully stay for longer next time...”
image of children playing in the water
“A most magical and unspoilt place for children (and dogs.) to enjoy themselves to the full, they really didn't want to leave it all behind...”
image of girl baoting
“The sheltered bay gives makes a lovely safe and pleasant place to enjoy the water...hard to believe it is the Atlantic Ocean... Just minutes after a downpour the sun is ready to shine out again...”
“We would never have believed this if we hadn't seen it for ourselves, but... even the cows find it hard to stay away from the beach!
The photograph just sums up how relaxing and peaceful a place it really is...”
image of a cow on the beach